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2015, 2,750,000sf
Client: YFG Berhad

Scope: Design Concept & Feasibility Study

Seated on elongated site within the city centre, with built-in LRT Station and rail, the project has all the great points to be a transit orientated and integrated development. The plot ratio is maximised tapping on the advantage of LRT Station, whereby it is connected by an elevated linked bridge, not only as a mere connector but also a potential concession area. 


The external wall of podium shoplex embraces the loggia, glazed and wrapped by the prefab panels in three different earth-tone colours. The use of green wall facade on podium carpark facing the LRT Station, transforming the concrete bare walls into living urban space full of plants and systems that provide both an environmental and social benefit to the people taking the LRT. The elevated gardens and green pockets throughout the towers allowing the trees and humans to share their living space, which believed to be preferred model for the development of densely populated urban areas.

Commercial + Residential

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