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With office at Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, we are a registered company created with a fundamental belief, whereby the idea of architecture can contribute to a betterment of human living.


We offer services in but NOT limited to Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Master Planning, Project Implementation and Development Planning. We are committed to our core value of design excellence and dedicated to the advancement of the built environment including sustainability. 





We work  across many building types, cultures, climates and scales, on building that often have multiple users and functions. To each, we apply a clear design concept and a shared vision that enables us to deliver buildings of outstanding quality, and functional and environmental performance.   


We believe that architecture of any type or scale should generate a thoroughly positive experience for people who work or live in them, visit them, or simply encounter them in passing. Our greatest satisfaction comes from designing buildings, and places, that are memorable and highly effective in the way they surpass the expectations of clients, local authorities, and communities.



N O T  Vision N O T  Belief


N O T believes in making better built environment

Believes not only contributing to the built environment


N O T believes in simplicity

Believes not in complexity


N O T believes in innovation

Believes not in habitual


Why N O T? WHY not…


N u r t u r i n g


O u t s t a n d i n g


T e a m w o r k





Born in Terengganu, Malaysia. Jee completed her architectural studies at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. She is a registered Professional Architect under the Malaysian Board of Architects, a Corporate Member of Malaysian Institute of Architects and also a Green Building Index Facilitator. 


Jee started her work experience in Kuala Lumpur, where she worked as Project Architect for numerous built projects i.e. Bentong Maximum Security Prison, SILK and NPE Toll Plazas. She then expanded her working experience to international level with a renowned practice in Hong Kong, Leigh & Orange Ltd, in 2007. She involved in few remarkable projects i.e. City of Dreams, a Resort cum Casino mixed development in Macau, and L’Avenue Shanghai, an Office cum Retail mixed development owned by LVMH Group. 


Jee came back to Malaysia in 2010. Upon obtaining her professional qualification, she established her own sole proprietorship practice, Jee Architect. In 2012, she founded NOT Design Office, with Eddie and Hoon, a versatile company offering various services in relation to building industry. She was also offered to be the Head of Architects of Michael Ong Chartered Architect, under the Quill Group of Companies in year 2013-2015. 


Jee is principally interested in all aspects of design; spanning architecture, urban design, interior design and particularly development planning. Her great experience dealing and working with corporate clients especially on the commercial high-rise projects have shaped her well particularly in providing Development Planning Advisory services of its types. Her input to each project sets and maintains the focus of design narrative, and the success of projects.




Born in Pahang, Malaysia. Eddie studied architecture at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture (Hon) in 2005. He is a registered Professional Architect under the Malaysian Board of Architects, a Corporate Member of Malaysian Institute of Architects and also a Green Building Index Facilitator.


Eddie founded NOT Design Office with Jee and Hoon in 2012. Under their direction, the company has expanded steadily to become one of the most potential young players in the industry.


Having worked in a few renowned local architectural practices since 2005, Eddie involved in numerous types and scales of project; spanning architecture, interior design, project implementation and management. His principal interest focusing very much on commercial high-rise projects, from inception to completion; dealing with all levels of people in the industry, from corporate clients to the builders. He has recognised skills in project leadership and client liaison, maintaining the constructive relationships essential to successful projects. 


Eddie involved extensively in every design project and supervises the maintenance of design standards in the office. He is an acknowledged leader in the technological and technical aspects i.e. architectural rendering, perspective techniques and construction detailing solutions.

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