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2015, 4,800,000sf
Client: Confidential

Scope: Design Concept & Feasibility Study

Commercial + Residential + Institution

Located at a prominent spot along Jalan Ampang, just 8-minute drive to KLCC, the objective of the development proposal is to upkeep the historical Art Deco building complex, one of early rubber research institutes owned by the Malaysian Rubber Research & Development Board, while injecting new ‘live/work/play/study’ elements which can be self-sustained. The entire development concept is inspired by ‘rubber seed’, a starting point of every single rubber plantation. Well planned and preparation of the seeds will contribute to a successful plantation, similarly to a well planned development will contribute to a betterment of the built environment. 


The shopfront glazings in reverse staggered-manner creating a gradual transitional relationship between indoor and outdoor space, breaking up the building’s perimeter, whilst also forming a series of outdoor courtyards, walkways or niches, some of which can be linked and covered to form immediate spaces that are neither inside or out. The timber-look aluminium louvres are sliced into strips with different widths forming a protective shell across the exterior of podium carpark, allowing natural light to emerge from between each of the strips and allowing the podium facade to be perceived in a more fragmented and ergonomic manner. Similar approach is carried up to the tower design particularly the hotel tower, where the formal massing is composed in stacked strata, and each stack comes with fragmented heap and cloaks of long vertical members, a modern interpretation of traditional lattice frontages to delicately lighten the entire form.  

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