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2016, 640,000sf
Client: PICC 

Scope: Design Concept & Feasibility Study

Seated on a very quiet site, the existing hotel seems to be hidden by huge and unorganised trees, with very low hotel room numbers and very minimum facilities, which has resulted in relatively low room rate for its brand name. The design concept was called for a total revamp to resolve the existing issues. It is aspired to create an ‘UTOPIAN ENVIRONMENT’ that will revitalise and rejuvenate the vicinity, resuming the long lost horizon of ‘SHANGRI-LA’…


The use of down-to-earth materials emphasise the building’s intimate relation to the natural surrounding. The angled fair-faced brick walls create a saw tooth profile across the building facade that helps to add visual interest to the exterior and shade the spaces inside. Integrative design concept combines architecture and landscape design into a complex and seamless aesthetic entity.


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