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2015, 32 VILLAS @ 4,100sf each
Client: JES Land

Scope: Design Concept & Feasibility Study

Located at one of the few lush green forest hillsides in the city, with over 7.3 acres of idyllic and enchanting terrain, Penchala Hill is aspired to become a modern-day oasis of contemporary village resort living. The 32 units of exquisite villas are seated in relatively steeped terraces, with minimum earth cutting and filling to strike a perfect balance of man-made marvels and the splendour of nature. 


The development comes with two distinctive designs. The Uphill Type emphasises on the insertion of horizontal planes into the slopes to avoid block volumes that split and dominate space, creating decks for activity spaces; whereas the Downhill Type focuses on simple four-sided box-shaped structure cantilevers out beyond its ground floor, celebrating the ‘lift’ into transcendental sensation carried through into the house.   


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