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Organiser: PAM & Gamuda IBS

Scope: Competition Participant

Design Competition

A housing concept inspired by TETROMINOES, blocks used in every known Tetris game. Every Tetramino always begins from a simple Cube as its base unit, transforming into various shapes of Tetrominoes representing different Unit Types. Different shapes of Tetrominoes are combined to form a TETRACUBE comprising a complete modular of three different designs of Type A and two different designs of Type B in a triple-volume space. 


The best part of the design is the flexibility in arranging the Tetracubes, not confining to Type A plus Type B, but can also be Type A plus Type A or Type B plus Type B. With this great flexibility, each of every tower can be configured differently. Tetracubes can also be extruded upwards to allow Communal Space and making the development more interesting. 


Due to overlapping of double-volume Tetrominoes units, the circulation space can be reduced to serve only the entry level and further increases the floor efficiency. The gross floor area saved can be utilised to provide quality communal and common facilities. 

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