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2014, 2,600sf

Client: Soo's Family

Scope:Architecture Consultancy


Situated on a relatively small site, this project involved an demolition of existing double storey corner linked house and reconstruction of a new 2 1/2 storey contemporary-looked house. Although being a small house, it is well equipped with intimate family meeting spaces essential for family bond, particularly the ground floor that linked the parent’s house at the dry kitchen, served as a transitional meeting point between the two.   


Large unobstructed glazing is designed facing the garden allowing maximum view from the family spaces. Vertical fin walls break up the facade into few sections, allowing doors to be inserted, encouraging the flow of interior-exterior relationship. Adjacent to it is a huge solid folded wall, which was intended to create contrast to the transparent glazing. A long cantilevered and column-less porch roof is essential particularly in such a small site, allowing flexibility for the vehicle movement. 

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