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2019, 3,000sf

Client: Confidential

Scope:Architectural Consultancy


A major house renovation located at Putra Heights, Selangor, aimed to transform a typical intermediate linked house design to a modern rustic style home. 


The design features a tall reddish brick facade overlooking a tiny garden, creating very catchy visual effects to the frontage. The bricks are arranged and spaced in perpendicular stacking manner, bringing natural light and fresh air in, acting as effective privacy screen and security barrier without need to install conventional metal grille that may diminish the house aesthetic.


The living hall is enhanced with double-volume space and an opened courtyard next to it, inviting volume with high ceiling and high glazed door that floods the space with natural light, offering sense of serenity and allowing connection to the outdoors. Again, the visual impact of bricks is carried into the interior with the japanese bamboos planted, making the living space looks organic.

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