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2015, 650,000sf
Client: Gahaland 

Scope: Design Concept & Feasibility Study


This project was formally known as The Habitat, situated on a 3-acre land adjacent to Ampang Forest Reserve. The revised design concept was aimed to enquire extra land area from the State Government by building them the affordable housing in return.


Ampang Foresta taps into the rhythms of nature making spaces and the people who live in them come alive. Live with the nature, merge with the nature and form a mutually beneficial relationship with the nature. Building and nature from inside to outside, sensitise the series of interaction between both by having a green lush park and revitalising the river front. 


‘POROSITY & PERMEABILITY’ of podium skin is created by the integration of expanded metal and green, establishing a ‘CONNECTION’ between the ‘FOREST’ and the ‘BUILDING’.

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